Urban Green Adopt a Plot

A small group of St Teresa’s volunteers have been working every week in our local park helping to maintain the area next to Heaton Rd and the church as part of the park’s volunteer service. It’s a great way to be involved in the community and help to keep our local spaces looking beautiful.

Visit urbangreennewcastle.org to find out more about Heaton Park.

Talk to Andrea at St Teresa’s about becoming part of the team

Celebrating the Wonder of God’s Creation

St Teresa’s children took part in the Urban Green Beeline project.

Last November they planted 100 Snakes Head Fritillary bulbs on the bank of Jesmond Vale Lane, with the help of our parish park Adopt a Plot group.

These are a native plant species and produce more pollen than cultivated blooms .

Signs of new life are beginning to show on the bank

Wander down and see if you can spot them…