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Welcome to our Parish Life section, within this section you will find our Parish Calendar, information related to our Parish Groups, information related to our Parish Ministries and information related to our Church Hall.

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Pope Francis in his letter Evangelii Gaudium says:

‘The Church which ‘goes forth’ is a community of missionary disciples who take the first step, who are involved and supportive, who bear fruit and rejoice.

An evangelizing community knows that the Lord has taken the initiative, he has loved us first, and therefore we can moved forward,boldly take the initiative, go out to others, seek those who have fallen away, stand at the crossroads and welcome the outcast.

Such a community has an endless desire to show mercy, the fruit of its own experienced of the power of the Father’s infinite mercy. Let us try a little harder to take the first step and to become involved. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.The Lord gets involved and he involves his own, as he kneels to wash their feet. He tells his disciples: ‘you will be blessed if you do this’.

Our plan for the future of our parish aims to embrace this teaching…