Altar Servers

This ministry is open to boys & girls who have made their first communion and are aged 8 or above.

Training takes place in church, usually  during  the school lunch break.

Following training children are allowed to wear an alb and enter the sanctuary with regular servers;
initially as an observer, before progressing to serve during Mass.

We have  a rota system; altar servers are placed into a ‘team’ and asked to serve once every two weeks,
family circumstances allowing.

Servers who have attended regularly for at least six months and achieved a good understanding of the high standards
required of them, may be invited to join the Guild of St. Stephen, patron saint of altar servers.
A diocesan Altar Servers Mass takes place at St. Mary’s Cathedral where servers are blessed, enrolled into the guild and presented with the Guild Medal.

Parental consent is required foraltar server training.

Contact: Anne Grant via