Childrens Liturgy

The Children’s Liturgy takes place on Sunday mornings during 11 o’clock Mass. 
Each Liturgy is designed to help young children to more fully understand the Gospel of the day.  The Liturgy begins with a welcome and opening ‘sorry’ prayer which is then followed by TheWord. 

An age appropriate discussion follows which often includes either drama, props, games and images etc.  The children complete an activity which is either added to a board to be shared with the rest of the congregation or sometimes taken home as a reminder. 

After the activity, a closing prayer ends the Liturgy and we all process into Church as part of the Offertory Procession. 

 The Liturgies are aimed at children from 3-7 but parts can be adapted to include children up to the age of 11. 

Children over 7 often still attend the Liturgy as it is something they enjoy and helps them to develop their understanding
of the Word of God; they are also great at assisting the younger children intheir activities and explaining things to them.

At St. Teresa’s, we use ‘The Liturgy of the Word with Children’ by Katie Thompson as our basis, as it provides age appropriate prayers,
readings and activities, although activities can be changed when more creative ideas are available. 

The Diocese offers courses to those who would like to help lead a Liturgy for children; often at St. Joseph’s in Gateshead. 

When these are available they are advertised in the bulletin and on the noticeboard in Church, but further guidance is available from those with experience of leading a Liturgy.